Thursday, 20 September 2012


Vineyard in Klagshamn:  On my first afternoon in Skåne I was lucky to see a sign for the small town of Klagshamn and then, almost immediately, a sign for the vineyard.  I received a friendly welcome from viticulturist Murat (Murre) Sofrakis despite the fact my arrival was unannounced and the tourism season had ended.  He explained the basics of the terroir (the chalky soil with high pH levels, the cool summers and temperate winter tempatures) that led to the choice of grape varietals commonly planted in the province. Solaris, a hybrid grape varietal developed in Germany and recognized for its resistance to disease, early ripening, and high yield even in poor climatic conditions, is one of the most widely cultivated varietals in the region.

The Klagshamn vineyard does not have its own winery but collaborates with Ahus winery to produce the Interkardinal wines.

Interkardinal Solaris Kaxig 2010:  Murat generously offered me a bottle of the 2010 Solaris wine to take with me on my travels.  I chilled it at my hotel in Trelleborg, the southernmost town in Sweden.  

Tasting notes: I found the wine very enjoyable to drink on its own or with cheese.  The aromas of citrus, flint, melon, and honey were reminscent of a Riesling but the acidity was pleasantly lower and the flavours of green apple and lemon cleansed the palate.  I also perceived a hint of black pepper or allspice on the finish, which complemented the cheese very nicely.   It would be a wonderful pairing with fish.

Vingarden i Klagshamn is operated by Lena Jorgensen and Murat Sofrakis, seen here with their fuzzy friends!


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