Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Munro's Dry Mead:  The idea to share my wine adventures was a result of my trip to Alvinston, Ontario in search of mead.  I finally opened a bottle of mead recently.  "Stuyding" for tasting and written exams during the September - December term of the Sommelier programme at Algonquin College left me with little time to try some of the wines I've been collecting over the last several months.

With a residual sugar designation of 2 this is the driest of the meads from Munro's Meadery.  The label describes it as having a crisp finish but I did not detect sufficient acidity to use that descriptor.  I found the mead to have floral and honey aromas; flavours of cinnamon, ginger and citrus peel (a very slight pithy bitterness); full body (some oiliness) and a long finish with some spices lingering on the palate.  This mead reminded me of a gewurztraminer and in fact it paired well with foods I would generally pair with that varietal.   

Food Pairings:  After reading the label I tried the mead with fish but it was not a good pairing due to the lack of acidity.  I then prepared a cheese plate and, like a gewurztraminer, the mead complemented blue cheese very well.  Finally, I paired the mead with pork tenderloin roasted with a glaze made from pomegranate jelly and the wine proved to be a complementary match to the pork. 

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