Thursday, 8 January 2015


Bogota Beer Company:  The BBC calls itself the biggest small brewery in Colombia. Many of the company's regular beers are named after a neighbourhood or cultural event in Bogotá. On a recent trip I tasted the Monserrate in a restaurant and on the following weekend I prepared my own tasting with four other beers (conveniently sold in small bottles).  My tasting notes follow:

The name of the beer refers to the mountain that rises over 3,000 metres above the city centre. It can be reached by foot, funicular or tram.  This red beer has won international medals.
colour: a light red
aromas: cereal, buckwheat honey, toasted walnuts, orange blossom
flavours: cereal, honey, brown sugar, orange pith
malt: medium to medium plus
hops:low med
finish: medium length

Candelaria Clasica
The Candelaria is the historic centre of Bogotá and sits below Monserrate. It has colonial architecture and stone streets where tourists and bogotanos visit museums, libraries, art galleries and national government buildings.
aroma: - cereal, honey,citrus (very Little aroma)
flavour - very clean, cereal ; short finish; drops quickly; Kolsch style

Chapinero Porter
North of the city centre is an expansive neighbourhood that was historically the residence and work place of artisans, including shoemakers. More recently, the old homes in the northeasternmost part of Chapinero have been converted into restaurants and the area has become a gourmet zone referred to as zona G.
colour: dark brown but translucent
aromas: molasses, chocolate, licorice, smoke
flavours: molasses, coffee, chocolate
malt: medium-high
hops: low
finish: long, coffee on palate
BBC Premium Lager
The label claims this to be blond lager made from a German recipe and it is the only lager made by BBC.
colour: golden
aromas: cereal, honey, spring wáter
flavours: honey, biscuit
malt: medium
hops: low
finish: crisp, refreshing;short length

Cajica Honey Ale
Cajica is a municipality just north of Bogotá. The beer won world's best honey beer medal
colour: yellow
aromas: wildflower, clover, honey, nuts, cinnamon
flavours: honey, cereal
malt: low-medium
hops: low
finish: short, clean, crisp, refreshing

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